2 December
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the name's becca.
i've totally given up on my layout, all it does is piss me off.
i'm the craziest person you will ever meet, but i make life amazing.
i have crazy celebrity obsessions, i never sleep at normal hours, i love bright colors, i'm a total kid/dork.
i don't like being quiet, and i don't think i will ever calm down.
i'm extremely narcissistic, i love taking pictures.
i dye my hair often, but only at night, its odd.
i'm left handed, and according to billy ray cyrus, that means i learn the world backwords.
i'm allergic to everything, all kinds of nature, fruits, veggies, its horrible.
i love designer things, and really wish i was rich and could afford myself.
i love boys, but they are just too much drama so i try and stay away.
i love the city and sound like a total valley girl, LA spoiled bitch, but i promise i'm not.
i would do absolutely anything for my friends, they kick ass.
i love sunglasses, and have like 7 pairs that i can think of off the top of my head.
i watch gossip girl, jon & kate plus 8, hannah montana, and so you think you can dance religiously.
i could probably go on for hours about myself, but i guess thats what posts are for.

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