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8th-Feb-2025 06:00 pm - comments are awesome!! [public post]
Me: Club DV8
February 8, 2006.
I saw this on capturedxfaith, and thought it was pretty cool.
I wanna see how many comments I can get on this entry.

This post is always going to be on top. It is going to stay public, so that anyone can comment and tell me about their lives, talk about whatever you want. Tell me how your day went, or what you are doing right now. Have a super fun conversation with someone, just for kicks. I wanna get like 1000 comments, but I doubt that will happen. Just be awesome and leave me some comments. =]

"Post anything you can think of. Tell me what you had for breakfast and lunch and dinner and even dessert. Tell me what song you're listening to or what song you wish you were listening to :o. Tell me about something that really pissed you off today or something that made you so fucking happy you're going to explode. Tell me dirty secrets about yourself, I'm interested. Tell me anything. Hey, you can even have a random conversation with yourself or others. I don't care!"

Leave me a cool anonymous comment, or comment with your name, whatever floats your boat. Just be cool and leave me a comment, or two, or a thousand for that matter. I know that over time I can get 1,000 comments, its just a matter of how long. Be cool and take the two seconds and leave me an awesome comment, help me reach that crazy goal.

We'll see if this is actually possible, and how long its going to take. Tell me anything you want, go wild and crazy. I am such a comment whore, but you all still love me. =] &anyways, the LJ world is much better than the lamespace world.

♥ Becca
14th-Jul-2010 12:59 am - formspring.me
Me: Club DV8

ask me questions bitches!!!! [=
5th-Jan-2010 10:13 pm - Jerusalem Online University
Miley: Sitting
So I'm basically just posting this on every social network type website I can think of. I'm currently recruiting for Jerusalem Online University Spring semester. If anyone that comes across this is 18-26 and Jewish (or really interested in the religion), and would like to take an online course let me know. There are two options when it comes to classes. There are some classes that you can take for free and earn a $100 stipend. There are also some classes that you can take for a fee and earn college credits. If you are interested, let me know. The sign up process is pretty easy. If you could put my name (Rebecca Melnick) under the referral section, that would be great!
4th-Dec-2006 09:32 pm(no subject)
Me: Club DV8
does anyone even use lj anymore?
yeah, didnt think so.
22nd-Jun-2006 05:09 am(no subject)
Me: Club DV8
i need to work on my sleeping patterns.

thats right baby, i'm going crazyyy.
crazyyyyy. latelyyyy.
19th-Apr-2006 05:08 pm(no subject)
Me: Club DV8
is it ever possible for my parents to let me be in a good mood and just have fun?
4th-Apr-2006 09:39 pm - weeeeeeeee
Me: Club DV8
since when do big sticks come in different flavors?
i never knew that.

well today was meh. swim was fun but i am overtired beyond belief this week so i was like sleeping in the water. but i got to chizzle with my splishie and see all her kitties and such, twas fun. school's like meh, my grades are declining and thats so not okay. =[

my dad was supposed to get me full house season 3 today, but the asshole didnt. how sad.
28th-Mar-2006 09:52 pm - strength to believe
Me: Club DV8
ahh, i hate my period.
i get it for like 3 or 4 days.
then it totally stops for a whole day (like 24 hours or more)
then it comes back for another day,
then its fin.

my body is screwed up, but oh well.
sleepie sleepies. =]
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